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12 Best Wedding Venues in Paris (in 2020)

Did you ever fancy to get married in a castle outside Paris? Or maybe in an luxury hotel with direct views on Eiffel Tower or do you prefer an old private mansion from the Belle Époque?

Being notoriously listed as the most romantic city in the world, you can imagine that Paris has hundreds of wonderful places to get married. But narrowing them down to find the most romantic location for your wedding ceremony isn’t easy. Here’s a little help with a Top 12 list of the most romantic and unique wedding venues to celebrate your big day in Paris!

Ciel de Paris – Espace 56

Ciel de Paris, which means Sky of Paris, is not accidentally the name of this unique venue. Located at the 56th floor of the skyscraper Montparnasse, this wedding location will arguably provide you with the most precious views over Paris.

From the highest panoramic-function room in Europe, you will enjoy splendid views over the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Sacré-Cœur, Les Invalides the Seine and the beauty of Paris as a whole. The modern and very stylish salon provides space for up to 300 guests. Together with the beautiful interior illumination, this venue has become one of the most romantic and sought-after places to celebrate a wedding in Paris.

Château du Vivier

Did you always fancy to get married in a castle? This castle might not be the one from Cinderella, actually this castle is half destroyed. But, its what makes this place so special, the imperfection of the castle combined with the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Chateau du Vivier is located in Fontenay-Trésigny, about a one hour drive from the city center of Paris. Its beautifully situated at the Bréon river, where it served as country home to the King of France Philippe IV le Bel. During the French Revolution the castle was used as a stone quarry which left the castle half in ruins. Château du Vivier is the perfect wedding venue for couples that look for something mystic and very romantic. By the way: your wedding photographer will absolutely love it.

Shangri-La Hotel

To some couples, the most important thing of a Paris wedding location is a direct view on the Eiffel Tower. If that’s a main priority for you, Shangri-La Hotel could be the perfect wedding venue for you. Located in the Avenue d’Iénain in Paris 16th arrondissement, it is probably the venue with the best views on the Eiffel Tower in the whole city. Once used as the private mansion of Prince Bonaparte, it is now one of the most renowned hotels of the city. From its spacious suites and its rooftop, you can almost touch the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say that this venue offers all the services and dining options required to celebrate a wedding ceremony of unmatched prestige.

VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel

Imagine you getting married on a place where you watch out the window and you see the Eiffel Tower beautifully blinking in the night sky. And then, ten minutes later you watch out again, but instead of the Eiffel Tower you see now the magical Musée d’Orsay passing by, and a few moments later you find yourself standing in front of the Notre Dame. What would be better than having the whole of Paris at one wedding location? Well, there is a way! Its called Le VIP Paris Yacht Hotel:

Le VIP Paris Yacht Hotel is a romantic luxury yacht the sails along the Seine while you are getting married. It provides 24 rooms including 6 suites with private spa. For your ceremony and dinner you can invite up to 90 guests.

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